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Australian Shepherd Breeder Michele Colborne Australian Shepherd Breeder

My name is Michele Colborne and I specialise in the photography of animals and people - animals, of course, being my preference.

Animals have been my passion since I was a little girl growing up in England, most especially - dogs and horses.

I started out in the world of showing dogs here in South Africa in 1973. My first breed was the Old English Sheepdog, and in those days it was very common to have an entry of between 50 – 70 Bobtails, so every win was a good one. I was also riding competitively in the sport of dressage with my Thoroughbred horse. But it was the world of show dogs that eventually won my heart and I went on to import two Bobtails from the UK. From there, with selective breeding, I made up a number of champions in this breed and achieved five Best in Show and Best in Specialty Show wins.

I also competed in obedience – taking two Bobtails through to C Test, one of which I worked in IWT.

Over the years, I have handled extensively and championed a number of different breeds of dogs, amongst which were German Shepherd Dogs, Dobermanns, Great Danes, Newfoundlands and English Setters. I have had the privilege of handling many great dogs and together we have won multiple Best in Shows and BISS, as well as several special events.

Now of course, my breed and my passion is the Australian Shepherd, with whom I have already won multiple BIS and BISS wins. I have also imported 2 lovely Aussies from the U.S.A.

My husband, John, is just as hooked on the breed as I am. Our Aussies, a Standard Poodle and the Maine Coon cat are important members of our family, each with their own very distinct personalities.

I have been on the KUSA Panel of Judges for all Working and Herding Breeds since 1990, and am now working towards adding both Hounds and Gundogs to my qualifications. I have also been judging Child and Junior Handling competitions for a number of years, which is something I really enjoy.

We live in Johannesburg , South Africa and can be contacted on:

Cell: #27 (0)82 455 4522

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